Mission Statement: The Henrietta Quilt Club (HQC) strives for growth in quilting, promotes learning in quilting, and participates in community service.

History: The Henrietta Quilt Club was organized in 1989. Its predecessor was the "Thimbles and Thread Quilt Club". The "Thimbles and Thread Quilt Club" was an outgrowth of a Rush-Henrietta adult education quilting class. They met from 1975 - 1989 at the Henrietta Town Hall. In 1979 the Thimbles and Thread Quilt Club made a quilt depicting children's story books, which was on display at the grand opening of the Henrietta Library on Calkins Road. Click on History in the left column to see a timeline through current day.

Membership: Membership is open to everyone. Some basic knowledge of quilting is expected. The club does not give lessons. A Membership Directory will be available to paid members in the fall. Updating will occur as needed. Guests may attend three (3) meetings before being required to join the HQC.

Dues: Dues will be collected from each member in June. Anyone joining HQC after February 1 will be charged half price for that year. Any change in the amount of dues will be presented for discussion at one Business Meeting and must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the next Business Meeting.

Meetings: During the school year the HQC meets on Tuesdays unless Rush-Henrietta schools are closed. The President and Program Coordinator(s) decide which Tuesdays are Business Meetings and which are Sit & Sews and also determine the location for each Tuesday including summer Sit & Sews.


All officers serve a two year term. If someone is unable to serve the entire term, replacement will be made by presidential appointment.

• Sets agenda and conducts Business Meetings
• Coordinates the efforts of other officers and committee chairpersons
• Presides over Show and Tell
• Works with the Program Coordinator(s) to arrange sites for all meetings and Sit & Sews

Vice President
• Moderates meetings in the President’s absence
• Chairs the Nominating Committee (may nominate self for President)

• Manages all club monies
• In May presents, for discussion, a budget for the coming year. The budget must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the June Business Meeting.
• Presents a report of revenue and expenses in November and June

• Records minutes of Business Meetings
• Reads minutes of meetings at subsequent Business Meetings
• Provides a copy of the minutes to the Web Coordinator for posting on the club website
• Provides, in June, the year’s minutes to the Historian for retention


Program Coordinator(s)
• Arranges programs and sites for the year, including summer Sit & Sews
• Creates the program schedule which is handed out in September

Membership Coordinator(s)
• Maintains membership records
• Shares information with new HQC members (including the By-Laws document)
• Provides Membership Directory, name tags and membership cards

• Is responsible for organization, inventory and storage of the HQC historical items and documents This includes the ephemera, photographs and Quilt Show items related to the club history.
• Addresses preservation and archival needs to maintain the materials
• Keeps records of current events and happenings in the club for perpetuation of HQC’s history

Auction and Exchange Coordinator(s)
• Arranges two Silent Auctions: Spring - quilt books and patterns; June Picnic - fabrics, notions, etc.
• Organizes two Exchanges: Fall - quilt magazines; Spring - fabric scraps
• Money from Auctions and Exchanges goes to the club treasury. Exchange money is added to the annual donation to the Henrietta Public Library.

Comfort Quilt Committee
• Collects and distributes Comfort Quilts
• Comfort Quilt recipients are determined by the committee members. Changes in list of recipients will be voted on by HQC membership.

Opportunity Quilt Coordinator
• Ensures the completion of the Opportunity Quilt in even numbered years and subsequent distribution to the recipient
• Club members nominate recipients of the Opportunity Quilt, and the final choice for recipient is voted on by the club membership.

Quilt Show Coordinator(s)
• Prepares for HQC Quilt Show at regular intervals
• Encourages all members to submit work for the HQC Quilt Show

Holiday Luncheon Coordinator
• Arranges a Holiday Luncheon in December
Picnic Coordinator
• Arranges the Annual Picnic in June
Sunshine Coordinator
• Sends cards and/or flowers to members as appropriate
• Coordinates an appreciation gift for the out-going President

Web Site Coordinator
• Receives and incorporates recommendations from club members to keep the site up to date including, but not limited to, the posting of minutes, sales and Shop Hop events, gallery photos and links to other clubs and resources

Nominating Committee
• Presents a slate of officers in May of the current officers' second year
The President may appoint additional committees and/or coordinators as needed.


• Enrollment: The class teacher, along with the Program Coordinator(s), predetermines minimum and maximum enrollment and participation fees.
• Non-Member Class Participation: Non-members may participate in classes, space permitting, at a cost of $5 more than members pay.
• Guest Teacher Compensation: HQC pays 50% of the teacher fee; participants pay the remainder.
• HQC Member Teacher Compensation: Member teachers receive a fee from each participant of not less than $5 to be paid at sign up.
• Reimbursement Requests: Requests for reimbursement for hand-outs and/or supplies are submitted to the Treasurer. Receipts and/or documentation must be submitted before payment can be made.
• National Presenters: Participation fee for any nationally recognized presenters is determined by a vote of the HQC membership upon presentation by Treasurer and Program Coordinator(s).

• No fee is paid to HQC members who demonstrate or share techniques or lead special interest groups during a meeting. Sharing is a function of membership.
• HQC non-members will receive a maximum fee of $50. Any fee greater than this must be approved by HQC members.
• There is no charge to members for demonstrations.
• Presenters may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses associated with demonstrations (e.g., photo copies).


• Annual Donations: Annual donations are given to the Henrietta Public Library and the Henrietta Fire Station for the use of their rooms for the HQC meetings. HQC membership votes on amount of donation.
• Holiday Donation: The Recipient is determined by HQC vote from members’ nominations.
• HQC members are encouraged to participate in some way in the production of Comfort Quilts.
• If a month contains a 5th Tuesday, that day’s meeting is a Comfort Quilt Workshop.
• All other community projects are brought to the Program Coordinator(s) to be voted on by HQC members.

Changing these By-Laws: The By-Laws may be changed in any two (2) consecutive Business Meetings of the HQC. Discussion of changes occurs at the first meeting. A vote on the changes occurs at the second Business Meeting.